jvon is a web/mobile app designed to help students to learn programming from a low level language based on the John Von Neumann machine architecture. The project was conceived for the Universidad del Bío Bío and is currently used to teach the basics of programming to 3 different majors at the University.

The basic idea with jvon is to teach procedural programming and the ability to follow logic to create basic programs. The language is very basic and has some resemblance to assembly code. On the left side of the window, lines of code can be added. On the right side of the window the code can be executed and will show the results of the code being executed.

One of the most important aspects of the jvon web/mobile app is to show the commands being executed 1 by 1 so that the student can follow the logic of execution of code as the commands are executed.

jvon was written in html, css, and javascript using the angularjs framework. The framework allows the html and css to be updated easily on the fly without the need to reload the page to do processing. This provides a very fluid experience for the end user. The mobile version is just a slightly modified version of the web version. I used cordova which allows me to turn the web app into a mobile app for android, iphone, and windows phone. Only some small modification where necessary in the mobile version because of differences in how android, iphone, and windows phone handle javascript.

The code for jvon can be found in my git repos:



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